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do it yourself programming

Do it yourself:
We never thought the DIY solution was much of an option. A sane person wouldn’t be his or her own dentist or doctor right. Spend “your” time doing what “you” do best.

Due to the complexities and types of Software Development, 2MC, helps to simplify, refine, and validate the best solution for your needs. Ask yourself which is the better scenario:

A. Using a team of experts to provide the solution?

B. Using your time to think, design, code, and optimize?

2M Connections can link you to top shelf providers of Application Development, Embedded and Systems Development,  Website Developers, Scientific, or Test Engineers to save you time, money, and the “do it yourself” headaches!

Hobbyists usually get opportunities because of their direct family or friends needing a website. Rarely does (or should) a business put any stock in a web designer with little or no portfolio that is working on their craft part-time at an extremely low wage. Yet this is an option that provides growth opportunities for both parties. That being said, if the project’s scope fits here, we have the resources.

The word “freelancer,” means the web pros that do this gig full-time. They work through websites like elance, odesk, freelancer, or guru etc., to acquire work. You will have a choice of either domestic or foreign developers. They are typically singular in the work environment, but may have other resources to collaborate with them.  This is a good viable option, just remember they are typically a force of one, and have multiple projects going at once, dividing time, and creating possible delays. If they get sick, or go on vacation etc., your project stalls and there is no back up.

A fully staffed company that offers strategy, design, coding, and implementation capabilities all in house. In short it’s a one stop shop for a development project. There aren’t a lot of web agencies with over twenty employees, let alone 200. So if you find a handful of them to interview you are doing well. But don’t overlook those that have specialized teams. These would provide an expedited environment taking advantage of your deadlines, saving time and money.

The Internal IT/Dev Team:
This is a viable option and should be considered. However look at it objectively. Do you have generalists or specialists on your team? Are they suited for the new scope, and can you afford to have them working on the new project to completion without pulling them in other directions. Working with an internal team can be both convenient and stifling.

Having to manage multiple tasks and deadlines can put undo pressure on your team causing roadblocks to other internal projects and extending completion dates. It also frustrates those departments that are waiting for their solutions! If you have a project manager that plays to the loudest voice, or department favorites, the company and projects could suffer.

Evaluate when to outsource:

1. Are they seasoned?

2. Do they have the time, skill set and strategic thinking for the project?

3. What is the cost of time to completion ratio? Can you afford  1,2 or 6 months for the ROI?

4. Can they address the entire “Scope” of your project from business expertise, staffing, technology, languages, database/ frameworks, and SEO’s etc., to complete the project on time?

5.Could you benefit by augmenting your team with outside development expertise?

Effective Arch

Effective Architecture:
It is imperative for any project to have functional and effective mapping. Navigation must be clear, directional, and action driven. Your information architecture is the second most important ingredient. You must have a resource that has the expertise to map, code, and  execute properly. From concept, and wire frames, to programming and execution the team needs to have the expertise to complete the project. After you’ve drawn out the strategy, will it work? Is the vision plainly seen and understood? Will it be captured by those that are seeking what you offer? When you launch who will brush, groom, and maintain it?