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Matching your software development needs to the best resource at no cost. It should be easy to find the best solution, right? Yet many start up’s, and existing companies are frustrated in finding the right match. Can you trust your internal resources for the expertise you really need? Are you limiting yourself with internal roadblocks, when you really need the expertise of a specialized and professional organization? How do you arrive at the right conclusion, or trust an outside source to be the right fit?  We’ve been there and done that, and we can help sort it out!

In short we are the Angie’s List for Software developers, and business connections.

At 2MConnections we simplify the steps of decision making by deeply analyzing your project through systematic steps, validation, and collaboration. Then we recommend the best solution by aggregating the already defined resources, and plugging in your desired results. We eliminate the guess work, the investment of time, money, interviews, and restarts by already qualifying the top developers. We simply connect your need to the right resource.

Why we are UNIQUE

Most companies try capturing as much business/revenue as they can! Typically companies won’t reveal or admit their weakness and shortfalls of expertise to the client in order to capture the sale. Outsourcing to other development companies is something that is not discussed. 2MConnections has done the homework on over 50 companies to help find the proper fit and fix for you.

We increase your productivity and boost efficiency by having qualified quality software development companies and knowing the capabilities of each. Saving you time, money, and disappointment. From fresh new concepts, redesigning, to maintenance and creative thinking, web design, coding, to  SEO, PPC, or business analytic’s.  Expedite your project, make the call and get connected now.